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Queens Park Rangers vs. Tottenham Hotspur preview: Give us a wave, Harry, give us a wave

That Harry Redknapp fella makes an appearance.

Chris Brunskill

Remember Harry Redknapp? Me too!

Here are my memories of Harry:

  1. He was t'riffic.
  2. His real, actual defense in a court of law was that he's illiterate.
  3. FRAAB.
  4. Bacon sandwiches.

Do you have anything else? I don't care because those are the only four that matter.

Harry has a good home now. The simplicity that eventually doomed him at Spurs should serve him well at Queens Park Rangers, where simply playing the best players in their best positions is imperative. Of course, Spurs knows this well. It was that approach that Harry used to bring Tottenham out of the drop zone when he took over and it is why he has always been well so long as talent and expectations are low.

Unfortunately for Harry, things aren't going so well at Loftus Road. Nobody has scored fewer goals in the Premier League and their defense is hardly deadbolt secure.

QPR's struggles are Spurs' smiles. They square off on Saturday in another of a long line of "if you're good, you'll win" matches. Oddly, Tottenham are starting to win those matches. Weird.