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Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For January 15, 2013

Tottenham Hotspur daily links

Michael Regan

Happy Tuesday, Spursland! So Brixton (a lady who comments a lot, for you new guys) asked that I include Barbara Streisand in today's Hoddle. This was a bad idea. Like really bad. But I did it anyway, sorta.

And now the "news"

The Four Tiniest Of The Sky 6 Call For Financial Fairplay In EPL- The Guardian

See if you can guess who doesn't want that implemented. But really, this is not the little guy standing up for his fellow men against the deep-pocketed bully. This is the other four bullies on the playground trying to get the biggest of the bullies retrained in some way so that they can go back to pillaging England's mid-majors. It should also be noted that like layers and drug cartels, no matter what constraints you put up against the big money boys, they will find a way around them.

AVB Admits He Tried To Bring Parker To Chelsea- Independent

Andy Town Snakes in the grass! But he should have known that RAF Group Captain (Mandrake) Scott Parker never abandons his post.

USA Soccer Releases Updated Centennial Crest, It Still Sucks- SB Nation Soccer

Hey, the early 1990s called, they also think it sucks. I showed it to Nana Roosevelts, who hasn't sworn since the Johnson administration, and her response was " Are they fucking kidding"?

Romelu Lukaku: Welcome To The Future- We Ain't Got No History

If you do not read this, then you might just be the worst person ever. I couldn't come up with a better historical analogy for Lukaku than the Elephants of the great Indian Empires; the weapons that broke Alexander the Great's march to China, and kept the Indian sub-continent free from the other great Asian empires which were dominating the subcontinent. Now if we could only find ourselves a flaming camel.

Bill And Ian's Best Movies Of 2012- Progressive Boink

Wait, is this website supposed to be about sports?

The Hidden Ball Trick, Laxbro Edition- Deadspin

Eh, Rookie Of The Year did it better, like way better.