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Sandro surgery confirmed by Tottenham Hotspur; extent of injury not confirmed

After a long day of Twitter rumor mongering, Tottenham Hotspur have issued a statement about Sandro's injury. It's short and not informative.

Clive Rose

Unlike American sports teams, Premier League football clubs are not required to keep the public updated on every little injury update. Rumors floated around Twitter yesterday that Sandro had undergone knee surgery after an entertainer with 100,000 Twitter followers who knows Sandro personally tweeted that he had knee surgery. Everyone asked Tottenham Hotspur for an update. They didn't provide one, until just now.

Here is the entirety of that update:

Sandro has undergone knee surgery following the injury that forced his substitution against QPR at the weekend.

The midfielder's recovery schedule will be assessed over the next few days.

This tells me that they weren't even planning on saying anything until the lid was blown off the secret by the Twitter machine. Probably because they don't know if Sandro's going to be out for a month, three months, six months or the rest of eternity.

So, before everyone freaks out about Sandro's status and starts calling for Daniel Levy to sign a midfielder in the transfer window: We don't know. We don't know if Sandro had his knee scoped. We don't know if he did his ACL. We don't know if he did his knee Willis McGahee style. The team hasn't told us yet because they might not know the extent of the rehabilitation he'll have to do, or because they might not want to freak everyone out.

We don't know. Keep telling yourself that. We don't know.