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Sandro update: It doesn't look good

The club hasn't officially said just how bad Sandro's injury is, but things look worrisome

Scott Heavey

The club confirmed earlier that Sandro went under the knife as a result of the knee injury that took him out of the weekend's match against QPR. We don't know what's wrong exactly, and speculation ranged from a torn ACL to a mere DNA sampling so Levy could create an army of Sandro super soldiers. But it's not looking good.

Earlier today he posted a picture to his instagram account showing him laid up in the hospital with his leg in a gigantic cast.

A cast can always look bad, but really there's no way to tell what exactly is going on under there so it could be anything. But then teammate Tom Huddlestone sent him the following tweet:

We still won't know anything for sure until the club tells us what's going on (and given how frequently the club keeps us abreast of injury news, that means probably never). But at this point we may need to start getting used to the idea of being without Sandro for a while.

I may not technically be a "medical doctor," but when someone tells you there is "nothing worse in football" than your injury, it's probably not a good sign. Sure, it's entirely possible that Huddlestone just loves hyperbolic language and toying with the emotions of Spurs fans across the world. Maybe there's nothing to worry about at all. But in my unprofessional opinion, this is bad news and IT'S TIME TO BURN EVERYTHING.

Get well soon Sandro. We need your help burning stuff.