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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For January 17, 2013

Tottenham Hotspur daily links

Michael Regan

Happy Thursday, Spursland! This has been a pretty good week, until now. The first half of the week was great with team on great form so we couldn't ask for much more going into a Man U match. But then it was announced that Chris Foy would be the referee for the match. Okay, not a good sign, but not insurmountable. Now Sandro is out indefinitely. That is not a good sign. Now if you will read down a bit, you will get to take a look at how badass Manchester's strikers are, with statistics to back up your nightmares. This week officially sucks.

And now the "news"

No Spurs Bid For Belhanda- Sky Sports

So I guess there will be another 10 comment thread about what Levy is doing, who we should sign and why everyone is wrong. It shall predictably end in a hilarious GIF.

Spurs Could Bring Holtby In January To Replace Sandro-The Guardian

The plot thickens. But the thought that has been kicking around my brain (along with the thoughts of pulled pork, and YouTube puppy videos) has been the question of weather or not Sandro is approaching Ledley King territory? Not in the club legend sense, but in the made out of tissue paper sense. He has been injured more than the usual amount, or at least it feels like that to me. Is it time to at least consider the idea that he isn't our long term guy there and begin to scout another young talented guy much like Sandro was when he was brought in to eventually replace him.

New England Trades For #1 Pick In MLS SuperDraft- SB Nation Soccer

100% chance that Toronto comes out as big time losers in this, because they are Toronto.

Already, The Strangest Story Of 2013- SB Nation

For those of you who just woke up out of a coma, this story broke the internet yesterday, which is understandable because it is fucking weird and Deadspin's outstanding example of journalism (which I will personally be taping to the fridge in the Daily Mail break room) combined into a Juggernaut that smashed the internet and cable news into a million pieces.

This story has floored respected journalists the nation over. Steven Goff of the Washington Post tweeted, "it's Deadspin's world we are just living in it." And this realy is reporting on a level of detail that is stunning and they should be appluaded for it, but at the end of the day, it's just a guy who had a fake internet girlfriend. Now my issue isn't that people are talking about it because I see how this could interest you. What I don't understand is why mainstream, non-sports news outlets (hi Anderson Cooper) are treating this like it matters in the grand scheme of things because it absolutely doesn't. Like not at all.

"Oh my god! A person I have never met lied about having a girlfriend and tried really, really hard to make us believe him" is not something that should supersede anything that the news would normally report.

Sure, SB Nation, Deadspin, SportsCenter, and probably the Daily Mail front page (because they suck) makes sense, but this isn't CNN's top story material. There are big time things happening in the world that we, the citizens, rely on the major news outlets to tell us about. We don't have time for Wolf Blitzer to tell us all the details of this story, then look into the camera and say something no more profound then "Wow, that's weird". We had serious people talking about making a trillion dollar coin like a week ago. Should we really be spending our limited time in the national dialogue including that idiot who makes Catfish? And on top of all of that BS, aside from the "wow this is weird" factor, there is no reason for anyone to care about this because, you sitting at your desk reading this, hoping your boss doesn't notice you aren't working, are never going to even meet this dude.

A Statistical Analysis Of Manchester United's Strike Force- The Busby Babe

In case you want to be depressed about our upcoming match.

PS: Just for Brixton. Ducks.