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Wednesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For January 23, 2013

Tottenham hotspur daily links

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Clive Mason

Happy Wednesday, Spursland! It has been said that the English media has taken longer to warm to the most awesome manager I England (if we are rating entirely on fist pumping skills of course) than most. Now it is a testament to AVB's quest to always be better in all facets of his job that he showed up at Celtic yesterday. Now many, if not everyone, thought he was scouting possible transfer targets, but that isn't true. He was clearly taking notes on how to be more likable with the British press from Neil Lennon. He couldn't have picked a better teacher.

And now the "news"

AVB Runs Rule Over Hooper- Telegraph

This is clearly not "THE" so might I suggest that until proven otherwise that Hooper is "SWN" as in "Sure, (sighs in disappointment) Why Not.

Tottenham Young Guns Romp Over West Ham In FA Youth Cup-

I am going to go out on a limb and say, the children might be our future. And then again, maybe not.

An Open Letter To The Maloofs- SB Nation

A brilliant take down of douche bags who have earned being taken down. It is a work of art, a masterpiece and given good reason, if you ever stumble onto one of these dickheads graves, you should feel justified just doing whatever comes "naturally" to you. And seriously, how do you fuck up a casino?

Beer And Sports-SB Nation

Look, you need to read this insightful, provocative, and informative story about alcohol sales in sports. It will make you feel things, especially if you are like me, who while not driving is often found at sporting events being the guy on the higher end of the alcohol consumption scale. So just read it. And if anyone wants to know, beer was discovered, not invented, in modern day Iraq about 8,500 years ago most likely by accident. Ancient people would soak cereal grains (barley, wheat and the like) in water to make them sprout, which greatly increased the grain's sugar levels. A great idea to get a little flavor if you only have fucking bread to eat in life. Most likely a bowl of soaking grain was just left out and fermented and became, over a few days, what beer would be like for thousands of years a liquid porridge of alcohol and seeds. Yeah, they left the seeds in there. Drink up fellas GO PACKERS!

A Horse Showed Up At Carrow Road- SB Nation Kicking Balls

Not as hard hitting as the last two, but hey who doesn't love a nice pony? The answer is Louis CK's daughter. (NSFW Audio)