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Gary Hooper to Tottenham Hotspur: It's a rumor-mongering classic!

Yep, this happened again. A 'report' on Gary Hooper that uses 'according to reports' as their evidence, without citing reports.

Stu Forster

Do you guys love the publication Metro? Boy, I sure do. And their recent transfer rumor story about Gary Hooper going to Tottenham Hotspur illustrates perfectly what makes them so very special. Here's the opening line from that article:

Tottenham are currently leading the race to land in-demand Celtic striker Gary Hooper this month, according to reports.

SPOILER ALERT: Metro doesn't actually cite any reports. From what I can tell, they have the only recent 'report' on this potential transfer. This has, stunningly, caused a Twitter ruckus. I got a message from a board member asking if we know anything about a potential £8m transfer. He didn't have a link. Gotta love #batcountry.

I don't know if Tottenham are interested in Gary Hooper. It is plausible that the team is actively negotiating with Celtic and will sign him before the deadline. It is also plausible that Andre Villas-Boas and Daniel Levy are only vaguely familiar with him and have zero interest in signing him. But by all means, freak out.