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Leandro Damiao rumors will never die

Tottenham Hotspur are rumored to be making a late run at Leandro Damiao again.

Christof Koepsel

Leandro Damiao is always heavily linked to Tottenham Hotspur. Someone always reports that Tottenham have made a bid or are making a bid every window, and his agent or the Internacional club president shoots down the rumor. We never know whether or not Internacional are willing to sell, and we never know what the price would be if they did sell. It's all a bunch of shenanigans.

So, it's January 29, and here we go again. The Independent is reporting that Leandro Damiao is Andre Villas-Boas' only transfer deadline target. They call him '£15m Leandro Damiao'. The Daily Star also reports that Tottenham are bidding for Damiao, saying that £20m is how much it's going to cost them.

I think that most of us are terribly sick of this nonsense, and would just like Leandro Damiao to either go away or state that he has no interest in joining Tottenham Hotspur. Instead, we get to play these flirty games a couple of times a year, and they never actually come to anything, because Spurs and Internacional are 12 years old and they're afraid.

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