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Daniel Levy will buy a striker

And he will do it because I say so.

Valerio Pennicino

We're a couple of days out from the transfer deadline, which means transfer rumors are starting to come in fast and furious. Tottenham Hotspur are, as always, linked to a number of strikers. Leandro Damiao is one of them, and I wrote about that earlier today. We're linked to him constantly and we never get him. It's frustrating.

I haven't written about other transfer rumors today, simply because there are too many of them. We'll throw them all into one post for now. The Daily Mail says that Spurs are in for Alvaro Negredo of Sevilla. A Bola, by way of 101 Great Goals, says we're chasing Eder of Sporting Braga. The Scotsman says we're ready to put in a bid for Gary Hooper, despite Andre Villas-Boas' denial.

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Hopefully, where there's smoke, there's fire. There's an excellent chance that all of the Independent, Star, Mail, A Bola and Scotsman are absolutely full of it, but I want to believe. I want to believe in AVB and Daniel Levy. I want to believe that they won't go through another window without fulfilling the team's biggest need since, arguably, the departure of Dimitar Berbatov. Certainly since the Peter Crouch - Jermain Defoe partnership was broken up.

Everything that the team's management has said indicates that there will be no more signings, and I don't believe them for a second. I believe that a new striker will put on a Tottenham shirt on January 31st. And I will rejoice, and celebrate with all of you, and build a Daniel Levy statue while our new striker fires us into the Champions League.

I believe. I believe in you, Mr. Levy.

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