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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham hotspur News And Links January 3, 2013

Tottenham Hotspur almost daily links

Clive Rose

Happy Thursday Spursland! So, um hey guys, how was yesterday? Yeah I suck, I know, I'm sorry, please, say you love me again.

And now the "News"

AVB Unsure If Adebayor Will Play In ACoN-Sky Sports

Yeah, he should probably figure that out. I mean if he did play it wouldn't be a huge deal or anything, said nobody.

Rose Wants Sunderland Stay-BBC

This feels like the transfer equivalent to breaking up with someone via text. And not even a long text one of those three word jobs that makes you chase the person down looking for whatever "closure" feels like for six months. And way to be oblique about it with this "down south" nonsense. You know what Danny, we don't need you, we got this fella names Andros Townsend who is doing just fine in the role of playing the last 20 minutes after Bale gets sent off for diving.

Kaboul Out Until February-The Guardian

An animated version of my reaction to this news can be found here.

We Of SB Nation Italia Do Solemnly Swear-SB Nation Soccer

I, non-watcher of Italian football do solemnly swear to probably continue to not watch it because I clearly can't appreciate the defensive tactics oriented beauty of the game. I will also eat pasta. I know this seems mean to the Italian league, and it is. I mean they seem like fun loving people. If that Borgias link feels like I shoe horned it in, that's because I did

Pardew: Ba Move Is Done- We Ain't Got No History

So really, we need to figure out if Adebayor is leaving.

Tebow To New Orleans-SB Nation

In related news ESPN has told it's producers to stop all prep work on any other stories and take two weeks paid vacation. The anchors now have enough material to fill 24 hours for at leas t10 days thanks to this.

Victor Dukes Jumped High-SB Nation

The only thing worse than the defense on that play was the announcing.