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Norwich vs. Tottenham Hotspur preview: Breaking news, Spurs still play football matches

Tottenham still play football and aren't just a transfer machine. Surprise!

Shaun Botterill

Transfer, striker, buy, striker, Champions League, striker, Sandro replacement, striker, Lewis Holtby, striker, money, . In addition to all of those things -- thanks, transfer window -- Tottenham Hotspur also play football matches.

Let me pause while you digest this breaking news.

Yes, Spurs play football matches, which they will do on Wednesday when they visit Norwich, who I am told are still in the Premier League. They are apparently also still considered "professional." You may have thought otherwise, considering the Canaries haven't won a match since December 15 and lost to Luton Town at home over the weekend, but it's true. They still pay players, try to win and everything.

Norwich are only considered professional because of their 10-match unbeaten streak from earlier in the season, which included a 2-1 win over Spurs in the Capital One Cup. They also drew Spurs at White Hart Lane in league play on September 1 so there is reason for Tottenham to be concerned about this tie, no matter how poor of form Norwich are in.

Tottenham also have one other thing to worry about -- they are Spurs.

No matter how many years Tottenham spend competing for the Champions League places, and even getting into them, we will remain wary of a side with such a penchant for breaking our hearts with disappointing results. You know what would be disappointing (and all too predictable)? Losing to Norwich in their current form.

Oh yeah.