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Tottenham sell Aaron Lennon, buy James Rodriguez: A Fantasyland adventure

A trip to Fantasyland delivers James Rodriguez to Tottenham.

David Ramos

Sandro is anchoring a sensational midfield, shielding the Tottenham Hotspur back line, while Moussa Dembele and Lewis Holtby move the ball and get forward at will. Up front, Gareth Bale flanks the striker on one side, while James Rodriguez mans the other. It is a Spurs wonderland.

Andre Villas-Boas likes his 4-3-3, but he hasn't been able to play it at Tottenham. One buy could fix all of that.

James, come on down.

At just 21 year old, James is already one of the most skillful and dynamic players in the world. A star for Colombia and Porto, James' ability to cut in and unlock defenses with imaginative and sometimes sublime play has left mouths agape. He can do that for Tottenham, too, fitting in perfectly on the right with Kyle Walker overlapping to provide width so James, Holtby and Dembele can make opposing defenders wet their pants.

Amazingly, it wouldn't take a massive outlay for Spurs to capture the wonderful James. At a price of £20-25 million, Tottenham can fund the bulk of James' cost with a sale of Aaron Lennon, leaving them just a few million left to pull out of their pockets for a vastly superior and younger player.

Lennon is having a fantastic season and it is that tremendous play that has his value on the market skyrocketing. He could easily fetch £15 million and £20 million if Liverpool are doing the buying.

As wonderful as Lennon is, and how attached we have become to the diminutive winger, James offers so much more. More skill, more dynamism, more quality and with it all, more points. The fit is too perfect. The team would be too perfect. James is too perfect.

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