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Transfer deadline day at Cartilage Free Captain: Your regular disclaimer

We post a lot on deadline day. We post on rumors. Explaining how this goes down.

Clive Mason

Welcome to transfer deadline day at Cartilage Free Captain. We've been around for quite a few transfer windows now, and so have a lot of the regular commenters. For some of you, this post will tell you a lot of things that you already know, but it serves as a nice set of guidelines for everyone.

First off, we're going to post a lot today. A lot of the stuff we're going to post will be silly rumors. We're going to contextualize everything and treat everything with the respect it deserves. This means that we might write a post based on something ridiculous that is being passed around Twitter, but if we do, it will be clearly labeled as such. We'll be properly skeptical of hilarious tabloids and foreign outlets, still extremely skeptical of Sky and the Mail, and a bit more trusting of the Guardian and BBC. But we're going to write all of it. If this isn't your cup of tea, I'm sorry, and I look forward to your return to the comments on February 1.

Keep discussions in the comments to the subject of the article. A general free-for-all discussion will take place in the live blog and chat thread, which will go live at 12 pm UK / 7 am ET. Between the time of this posting and then, there will be a series of posts on players who we've been linked to, players we'd like to be linked to, and players who could potentially leave Spurs.

Happy deadline day!

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