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Tottenham reportedly make formal bid for Leandro Damiao

According to a Brazilian publication, Internacional are evaluating a £20m transfer offer for Leandro Damiao.

Brandon Wade

According to Brazilian publication ClicRBS out of Porto Alegre, Tottenham Hotspur have already made an improved bid for Leandro Damiao in an attempt to land him before the January transfer deadline. Spurs reportedly offered £15m earlier in the window, a bid which (if it was actually made) was rejected. The ClicRBS report claims that Tottenham have made a new bid of £20m.

É possível que Leandro Damião tenha feito, diante do Novo Hamburgo, a sua última partida com a camisa do Inter. O Tottenham oficializou nessa quarta-feira a proposta de R$ 63 milhões (20 milhões de libras) à direção. Giovanni Luigi avalia a oferta. O Inter tem 70% dos direitos econômicos do atacante. O Atlético, de Ibirama (SC), é dono dos demais 30%.

That says that Tottenham have made a bid of $63m Brazilian, roughly £20m, and that Internacional director Giovanni Luigi is currently evaluating the transfer offer. Internacional own 70 percent of the player's economic rights, while his old club owns 30 percent.

Spurs have been chasing Damiao for a long time, and there's a long-standing belief from a lot of folks around these parts that he's the perfect center forward of the present and future for the team. If this goes through, Daniel Levy is going to be a very popular man.

Gracias to ESPN for the tip.

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