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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For Levy Day 2013

Tottenham Hotspur daily links

Jamie McDonald

Happy Levy Day, Spursland! Oh, it's here. It is finally here. It is the day when Levy, like a sea of puppies beating up a cat, just dominates those across the negotiating table. With fax skills that are on ninja levels, his counter offers are more furious than even the largest Mexican oil refinery explosion. This is Dan Levy's day and you are just living in it.

And now the "news"

No Striker This Window, Says AVB- Sky Sports

Andy, may I call you Andy? Andy, perhaps you didn't get a chance to see this during your first window here in North London. It is understandable. You had a lot going on. But Dan Levy does things on Levy day that defy logic. Moreover, he often does not consult his manager when he is negotiating. Maybe Harry forgot to include that in his continuity memo to you.

Players Like Bale Need Protecting, Says AVB- The Guardian

Yes, players need to be protected, but special players should never get special treatment. We have this equality thing now. Maybe I am just a fool, but I had just assumed that Andre would have heard about it.

Spurs Fined For Fan Disturbances At Lazio- The World's Game

Sure, because the guys not chanting racist things were the issue. Makes a lot of sense.

Things You Could Have Done Instead of Watch USA vs Canada- SB Nation Soccer

Let us take our hats off as a sign of respect for Ryan Rosenblatt, because he earned it with this. He endured pain for this. He had to remember that this happened. He did all of this, for you.

The Worst Game Ever- Progressive Boink

Notice how that wasn't written in the sarcasm font.

49ers Chris Culllver Makes Anti-Gay Remarks- SB Nation

I could rant and rave about what an ignorant person young CC is, but you can get that anywhere. So instead I will point out to you, mostly neutral fans, who will be watching the Super bowl this Sunday, that the guy from the 49ers is very much anti gay. Meanwhile this fella on the Ravens seems way more tolerant. Just keep that in mind when game time comes around.

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