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Tottenham Hotspur potential departures, arrivals, and pipe dreams

It's January 31st, meaning Daniel Levy will start the bulk of his work this morning. Expect someone to get purchased and someone to get sold, at the very least. Let's dive into fantasyland.

Mike Hewitt

Before the news starts pouring in hot and heavy, we're going to partake in a bit of speculation. There are quite a few players that could leave Tottenham Hotspur today, even more than that have been linked to a move to White Hart Lane, and even more than that who we love picturing in lilywhite when we venture into fantasyland.

Transfer deadline day is about speculation all day long, even after clubs make official announcements. We want to partake, and we want to do it responsibly. This StoryStream includes a collection of profiles on players who could exit the club today, players who could conceivably come in, and guys who will only come to Tottenham today in our wildest dreams. Each will be clearly labeled as such.

We're going to kick things off with Tom Huddlestone, who looks likely to leave the club in some capacity today. Rags and legitimate outlets alike have linked him to Fulham, Queens Park Rangers and Stoke City during the last month. He might not be sold today, but it won't be surprising to see him in a different shirt this weekend.

Kick back and enjoy the madness for the next few hours as we profile a whole bunch of players.