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Alvaro Negredo doesn't fit Tottenham; Everton can have him

Alvaro Negredo is decent, but there are better buys at his price if Spurs are so desperate for a striker.

Denis Doyle

Tottenham Hotspur need a striker. That isn't exactly breaking news, but no matter how much Spurs need a frontman, signing a striker for the sake of signing a striker isn't exactly smart on transfer deadline day. Example: Louis Saha.

That is what comes to mind when I think of Alvaro Negredo at Tottenham. That isn't say that Negredo isn't a good striker, because he is and he's certainly better than Saha, but at this point buying Negredo is just as silly.

Everton are in on Negredo, who Sevilla rate at £13 million. That isn't cheap, and if Spurs are going to hijack a move they will likely have to outbid Everton, pushing that number higher. To spend that much on a good, but not great, 27-year-old striker is silly. Negredo will have a small resale value and at that price, Tottenham can do better.

If £13 million is available for a striker, Spurs would be much better off signing Tim Matavz, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Jelle Vossen or even Adam Szalai, all of whom are top notch strikers who are younger than Negredo and will come cheaper. Hell, if Spurs have that kind of money and aren't dead set on a striker, they can go sign Kurt Zouma and have a world class centerback for the next decade.

The point is, Negredo is good and will probably do well enough for Everton, but Spurs would be wise to pass. They can do better with the kind of money the Spaniard would cost. If Sevilla want to knock that price down some, then we can talk. And it looks like Daniel Levy agrees.

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