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Possible Tottenham Hotspur arrivals: Gary Hooper

Tottenham Hotspur need a striker, and Gary Hooper has been linked to Spurs by the press more often than anyone not named Leandro Damiao. Who knows, that might mean that he's actually a target! (Probably not).

Jeff J Mitchell

This post is part of a deadline morning series on potential Tottenham transfers. You can find all of the posts in the series right here, as well as the initial post explaining this series right here.

Scottish Premier League players are an absolute crap shoot. Gary Hooper has played well in Champions League, unlike a lot of recent movers to English football from up north, and he also appears to have a much more varied skillset than Kris Boyd, Kenny Miller and Nikica Jelavic, but he's still coming from Scotland. It's impossible to evaluate players from that league. Their scoring rates mean literally nothing.

Quick bio: Gary Hooper is an English striker who joined Celtic in 2010 from Scunthorpe United. His goal rate at Scunthorpe and Celtic is stunning, despite the low levels of play. He's scored 124 goals in all competitions over his last four-and-a-half seasons.

Age: 25

Likelihood he's transfered today: Moderate. Celtic have rejected multiple bids for his services, but they're not flush with cash. If the bid is big enough, they'll have to take it.

Potential suitors: Tottenham Hotspur and Norwich City. Some other teams like Sunderland, Everton and Stoke could get involved.

Price if he's sold: Around £10m should get him away from Celtic.

Are Spurs the front-runners?: Nope, that would be Norwich City, who seem pretty desperate to sign him. They don't have the spending power we do, though. A £10m fee is nothing for Spurs if that £10m player only commands £30-40k per week in wages.

The verdict - Could he be a Spurs player on February 1?: Sure, but don't count on it. Hooper's less likely than Damiao, Negredo, or either Lyon striker we're rumored to be after to show up at Spurs today. I'd be very surprised if Tottenham made a satisfactory bid.

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