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Andros Townsend's move from Tottenham to QPR off for now

Andros Townsend thought he was on his way to Queens Park Rangers. It was unclear whether he would be leaving Tottenham Hotspur on loan or on a permanent deal (probably a loan), but we were almost certain he would go to QPR. After all, he was on his way to get his medical at QPR.

But when Townsend showed up for his medical, QPR told him to go home.

Apparently Townsend's move is now off. At least that is why Sky is reporting QPR told the player. When he showed up for his medical, QPR said things had fallen apart and he would remain with Tottenham. No reason was given, or at least no reason was passed along by Sky, so we are in the dark. Townsend might be too. Nothing is a surprise on deadline day.

Whether QPR or Tottenham pulled out of the deal is unclear. All we know is a deal was done enough that Townsend was on his way for a medical and now it is dead. Deadline day!

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