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Tottenham Hotspur in for Leandro Damiao, but who knows if they'll get him

Yep, the Leandro Damiao deal has been revived. There's enough smoke here that there's probably fire. But who knows if this can actually get wrapped up.

Rob Carr

In the wee hours of the morning, we posted a story linking a report out of Porto Alegre, Brazil that Tottenham Hotspur had renewed their interest in Leandro Damiao and tabled a bid of around £20m. Because it was from a local outlet in a language I don't speak fluently, we took it with a grain of salt.

Well, we're still taking this story with a grain of salt, just a much smaller grain. This story appears to have some legs. Tweets!

As @SibsTHFC noted, Di Marzio has been on top of stuff this window, including the Pep Guardiola move to Bayern Munich. Daniel Taylor's pretty legit as well.

So, this is a thing. Tottenham Hotspur have almost certainly made a new, sizable bid for Leandro Damiao. Whether or not the deal can be completed realistically remains to be seen, especially since Internacional haven't accepted it yet to our knowledge, and we have no idea if Damiao wants to play for us. We'll have more to write about before the day is out, I'm sure.

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