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Leandro Damiao talks reportedly break down

Of course Leandro Damiao talks broke down. Of course they did.

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Michael Regan

According to the live transfer deadline day blog at The Telegraph, transfer talks between Tottenham Hotspur and Internacional over Leandro Damiao have broken down. Spurs were rumored to have upped their offer to somewhere in the neighborhood of £20m, but apparently that's not going to do the trick, because of course it isn't. Here's the Telegraph blurb.

17.05 Latest from White Hart Lane is that talks with Brazilian Leandro Damiao have broken down. Spurs have been chasing the £20m-rated player for weeks - and had even upped their offer - but this deal looks firmly off.

Come on, you knew this was going to happen. We've seen this a million times. I'm hoping that either A. The Telegraph was given incorrect information and that this is going to turn around, or B. Daniel Levy already has a plan in place to acquire another striker.

If we end the day without signing a center forward, I am going to be upset.

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