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Internacional Considering Tottenham Hotspur Offer for Leandro Damiao

Who the heck knows.

Julian Finney

According to Gary Jacobs, who, according to his Twitter bio, is a writer for the Times, Internacional are now discusssing Tottenham Hotspur's most recent offer for Leandro Damiao. The issue is, apparently, the payment schedule and the fee.

Obviously, the fee is an issue. If the fee wasn't an issue we'd have signed this guy two years ago. Don't ask me how reliable Jacobs is. I literally have no idea. The tweet doesn't reveal anything that's shocking, but if nothing else, it's a sign that negotiations are ongoing.

Honestly, at this point I don't even want Damiao and I certainly never want to deal with Internacional ever again (despite wanting Casemiro). Yeah, Damiao is great, but this whole transfer saga has been stupid and he's going to have to score Eleventy Million goals in order to live up to the expectations Spurs have for him. Yes, eleventy million. I did a study, shut up.

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