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Friday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For January 4, 2013

Tottenham Hotspur news and links

Clive Rose

Happy Friday, Spursland! Well, that didn't take long, did it? It took Dan Levy an entire three days to go and do something amazing in the transfer window and simultaneously infuriate someone else very important. Look at this guy go -- just burning bridges left and right, and it never seems to catch up with him. Think about this now, and I mean really think about it: would you be surprised to learn that every time Dan Levy pulls off one of these train robbery level transfers like Fryers, that Levy sends whoever got screwed in the deal a big sack of poop?

Seriously, I bet Sir Alex got a big box specially delivered courtesy of Joe Lewis' kennels today.

And now the "news"

M'Vila Hints At Exit- Give Me Football

ALL OF THE MIDFIELDERS!!! Why did we even buy Hugo Lloris? If we play a 0-11-0 nobody will ever get a shot off because we will have Barcelona like possession. Nay, 2x Barcelona possession! It can't fail!

The "Man Who LOL'd Just Enough" Close To Return-

Seriously, he LOLs the perfect amount because he never EVER LMFAO's (link not safe for children or expecting mothers, may cause birth defects)

Llorente and Juventus Open Transfer Talks- SB Nation Soccer

That sound you are hearing is the shattering of Brian Mechanick's dreams. For video of what this may look like, watch this, but replace "Justin Bieber" with Fernando Llorente. Please nobody make any comments about the other also obviously underage girl in this video. You know who you are.

Mario Balotelli And Roberto Mancini In Training Ground Dust Up- Bitter And Blue

"Dust up" is probably the lamest way to discuss any type of altercation. Aside from that, let us all sit back and look at the pictures (I won't link to them because I refuse to link the Daily Mail, but you can find them no problem on your internet machine) and marvel at how much Mancini looks like Tcheky Karyo.

AC Milan Players Abandon Pitch During A Friendly In Protest Of Racial Abuse- SB Nation Soccer

We don't have a ton of kids or people under the age of say 15 who read here (and thank god), but for the handful of you, that are this is what standing up for your principles looks like.