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Wednesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links January 9, 2013

Tottenham Hotspur daily links

Alex Livesey

Happy Wednesday Spursland! Well Wednesdays are just the worst aren't they?

And now the "news"

The FA Confirms It's Appeal Of Serbia Bans-Telegraph

It is always nice to see a governing body of any sort taking a reasoned justifiable action. Now if perhaps the House of Representatives could follow suit I think we would all be happy.

Nelsen To Stay On At QPR For Spurs Match-Mirror

Having seen him play several times and knowing the form our attackers are on right now my response is this.

Najar Goes On Loan To Belgium, MLS Enters Murky Water-SB Nation Soccer

This makes a good point. While it is good for young guys to get a lot of time playing competitive games against good competition. That does not sound like the vast majority of MLS games. On the downside though, yes, this is an addition for Najar and the other young players going overseas, and you can bank that these guys, if they come back for the MLS season, will be dead by July.

On the plus side, this means Andy has granted my request, which I once whispered, ever so subtly in his ear in a bar one night, that when he goes overseas that it not be to Arsenal. Thanks Andy!

Nelsen's Hiring Shows That Toronto Have Not Changed-SB Nation Soccer

Get it? It's because he sucks, once again may I say.

Landrup Moves Swansea From Possession Obsession-SB Nation Soccer

I first read that title as "Leandro Moves To Swansea". I am a well-adjusted individual.