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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For October 10, 2013

Tottenham Hotspur news and links, with headhunting.

Ian Walton

Happy Thursday, Spursland! There have been complaints of late. Complaints that some of you have been absent from school a bit too much (by the way school is the comments section). And those of you who have been there have been doing a great impression of the American Government, and just shutting down. Lets talk it up, people. It's not all about you, ya know? It's about the guy in his cubical working a soul crushing job just trying to get to lunch without killing himself. It's for the girl sitting in the back of her nursing school class not paying attention to the point where eventually her mistake will kill someone. Think of others, man.

And now the "news"

FA Chairman Says Torres Deserved Heavier Punishment For Verts Swipe- Sky Sports

So why didn't you punish him, you dolt? FA Chairman, is this like Prime Minister of Russia, where it is a position that sounds super powerful, but in reality is just a person who stands in a tie in the back of photo ops until it's Putin's turn to be President? Presumably this guy has at least some juice over there, so how about you, guy who runs the places, takes an active role in running the place.

Why Tottenham Need Adebayor As Their Plan B- ESPN FC

Hahaha LOL it is just so good to laugh, isn't it gang?

Ex-Tottenham Child Star Bostock Is Loving Life In Belgian Second Division- Mirror

This is like seeing Dana Platto after Diff'rent Strokes went off the air (eat it, young people who don't get this reference). Once seemingly with the world in the palm of his hands, now Bostock is doing the football equivalent of a desperate Playboy photo shoot.

Adnan Januzaj To Re-up With Manchester United-The Busby Babe

Good for the young man who has been seen as controversial by some people complete idiot Jack WIlshire. For those of you who have already unfriended Jack on Facebook, so as not to be subjected to his douche porn of a life, Jackie Boy made some statements about just who should be allowed to play For England.

You see, Adnan Januzani has yet to commit to a country to play for and he has several options right now, but if he waits a few more years he could pick England. Now, Jack didn't say just the white English by ethnicity people are the only ones who should play for England, but we are pretty sure he meant that. Now we could bring up that recent immigrants tend to strengthen the nations they move to -- example 1: America, example 2: Germany: we could really just make the Mesut Ozil case and leave out the vast benefits of the heavy Turkish immigration there. Because what makes someone truly "English"?

Piers Morgan (bane of my twitter existence) was born in England, cheers for English teams and self-identifies as Irish. Could someone like him play for England? Exactly what does your ethnic make up have to be to be "English"? Norman? Anglo-Saxon? I doubt people descended from Pre-Germanic invasion Britons would view either of those to groups as English. What about people in England with Viking ancestors? Are they cool?

These are difficult questions to answer. Nobody can really give an answer to where to draw the line on who is what without sounding just a bit over the top. So perhaps it is time for Americans to give back to our mother nation by giving you guys some advice: just do what we do, since you are now in the modern era and a pretty immigrant heavy place like us, and make it anyone who wants to be with us gets to be with us.

And if Jack Wilshire could get into a street...confrontation, with this dude I would be cool with that. Good day!

Blasphemy: Are Fulham Better Without Berbatov- Cottager Confidential

Based on seeing them play not once this season, I can genially say, no they are not. Everything is better with Berbatov.

Inside League Of Denial- SB Nation

In short, football is way to dangerous to even consider playing, and the NFL is a scumming organization. I know we are all shocked that a Roger Goodell lead organization turns out to be full of shit.

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