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Friday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For October 11, 2013

The international break continues.

Mike Hewitt

Happy Friday, Spursland! If you were looking for a visual way to describe your feelings about the international break, I found one.

And now the "news"

Kane Scores Hat Trick For England U-21s- ESPN FC

It was against a tiny remnant of renaissance Italy that has no business being an independent nation in the modern world. They make Liechtenstein look like badasses by comparison and those guys got accidentally invaded by the Swiss a few years ago. Accidentally invaded, that's how much they suck.

Spurs Players Are Bad At Reading Cue Cards, Are Disinterested- Spurs Official

That is some instructional videos at the office bad in the acting department. And top marks in the not giving a fuck about this management is just making me do it department.

Rooney Continues To Make Himself A Problem At Man U- SB Nation Soccer

Cancer is something that usual just happens. It is not often I would guess that someone intends to get cancer and locker room cancers are probably the same way -- nobody goes out of there way to become a locker room cancer.  Nobody puts real thought and effort into becoming that, except for Wayne Rooney.

Honest, I Can Change- Liverpool Offside

No, you can't.

Dumb People Hate Hert'l And His Goal- SB Nation

I have been out on hockey since I was 15. That is 12 solid year where i didn't care about it. There were a few honest attempts to get back to what was at one point my main sports obsession and all of them failed. Then a friend, who is a hockey freak texted me a four-second video of this goal at one in the morning. That was it: 4 seconds. That was all it took for this teenager to erase 12 years of not giving a shit. I am all back in. If you hate this I hope you die and your dog pees on your grave the instant they are done covering you with dirt. I'll probably quit writing here and move the Hoddle over to Japers Rink by the end of the international break.

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