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Andros Townsend reportedly signs new contract with Tottenham Hotspur

Following a string of strong performances for both club and country, young winger Andros Townsend has allegedly been handed a new contract at Tottenham Hotspur.

Paul Gilham

Andros Townsend had a pretty good debut for England against Montenegro last week. It was so good that some in the English media began to anoint him as the chosen one to lead England to a World Cup title. Presumably spurred by this and his good start to the Premier League season The Independent is now reporting that Tottenham Hotspur have given Townsend a new contract which will see the winger earn around £2 million per season (just under £40k per week).

There's nothing concrete out about this yet and certainly nothing from Tottenham's official site yet, but an extension for Townsend seems pretty likely. I think the wage figure seems excessive. The Daily Mail believes the new contract will be worth closer to £15,000 per week, up from £6,000, which seems far more reasonable.

I'm not Townsend's biggest fan and I've had several discussions with some of the people on this site about how I believe that Townsend should be dropped from Tottenham's starting XI. However, a new contract is definitely something I can get behind. A player with low wages and a contract that could have been expiring soon would leave Spurs with little leverage should the interest from other teams increase. Keeping a quality player at the club on reasonable wages is important and ensuring that the club can, if necessary, maximize that player's value on the transfer market doesn't hurt either.

Congratulations to Townsend on his new deal and I hope that he continues to perform well.

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