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Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For October 15, 2013

Bunker down. Things are rough.

Ben Hoskins

Happy Tuesday Spursland! Guys, girls, ladies, gents and everyone in between, hear my words: it is easy to lose sight of what is important in life. Lots of things are happening in our world: the US government is shut down (however you feel about that don't mention it in the comments or it will be nuked and you will be warned/banned), Breaking Bad is over and some idiots in Massachusetts are against sober drivers. Worst of all, we still have to wait until Sunday for Spurs to play. It's a rough world folks, do the best you can.

And now the "news"

Townsend In Doubt For Poland Match- Mirror

Somebody hit the breaks on the hype train. But seriously this guy is pretty good for us so let's hope this isn't something big.

A Dumb Look At How Our New Kids Are Doing, And It's Dumb- Give Me Sport

Soldado hasn't scored so he must have contributed nothing. Great logic, you genius. You're a modern day Solomon. Ick, I find better analysis vomited out by Ryan Rosenblatt after 14 tequila shots.

Benteke Questionable For Sunday- 7500 To Hotle

In cock (or cockerel) fighting you don't bet on the rooster with no spurs. For those of you who either haven't been the the seedier parts of Miami, or didn't read Roots, you don't bet one a team without its main attacking options.

Lewandowski Expresses Premier League Interest- We Ain't Got No History

And no dummy, he ain't coming to us. Think of how terrifying a Chelsea attack would be with Lewa up front. I am shivering under my covers just thinking about it.

Last Chance For Mexico- SB Nation Soccer

Mexico will probably make the cut, rats.

It's A Different Game South Of The Border- SB Nation Soccer

Nobody reads the articles, I know, but on days like today you should and especially this one by our own fearless leader and protector of the realm Kevin McCauley. If you ever wondered "where is Kevin, I never see him around" it is because he is off working on excellent stuff like this, which he churns out at a speed that makes me pee myself. If you have ever sat around in your underwear wondering why Kevin gets paid to write about soccer and you don't, it is because he can do this, and you can't.

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