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Wheeler Dealer Radio Mailbag Assemble!

Rising from the ashes, it's more 'triffic than ever.

Ben Hoskins

Oh you thought you could stop it, but you can't. Tottenham Hotspur fired Harry Redknapp. They lost to West Ham before an international break. They drove this site's very own English mascot from our loving arms. BUT YOU CAN'T STOP THE INTERNET'S MOST TRIFFIC PODCAST.

Much like the English National Team, our bravery and courageousness will return Wheeler Dealer Radio to the internet airwaves this evening. We will be mentally scarring ourselves by reliving our game against West Ham and undoubtedly discussing Andros Townsend's epic arrival on the international stage. We would love to see your questions on these games, the future of Spurs, how much Real Madrid will be bidding on Andros this summer, or whatever else strikes your fancy.

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