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Monday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links October 21, 2013

Tottenham Hotspur news and daily links.

Michael Regan

Happy Monday, Spursland!  Let us sit back and relax.  Let us not rend our garments as the staff of this dear website did during the first half on Sunday. Because we gentlemen, ladies and brixton (go shower smelly) are playing a team this Thursday that is named Sheriff, was founded in 1997 in Moldova, and of course you can tell from the name was founded by a security company. Oh eastern Europe, please never change.

And now the "news"

Police make Arrests In Flare Throwing Incident-Sky Sports

Before I say anything let me say that these tow are idiots, animals, and stupid self centered dicks.  That said it wasn't a flare it was a smoke bomb, two very different things.  Secondly smoke bombs int he stands are one of my favorite things, i enjoy them immensely when i am at game.  So way to ruin smoke bombs for the rest of us you two blockheads.

Townsend Is Fearless Says AVB-BBC

Except for spiders, was the second half of that.  it just didn't make the story I guess.  Like Ron Weasly if he could play football that Andros Townsend.Also Cabbages, don't ask why he is afraid of cabbages, it's a nasty story involving a kim chi factory.

All Hail Zlatan-SB Nation Soccer

Why would anyone try to do anything after seeing that, what's the point?

What Happens When Jose Mourinho Sits Next To You in The Crowd-SB Nation

For all their dumbness, and there is a lot of that, the dumbest thing about the FA to me is how suspended or sent off managers can still be in the stadium, and just text all the instructions to an assistant.  It isn't a real punishment if the manager just gets to sit a few feet further away from where he normally would and control his assistant like a fucking hand puppet.  Although at this point I am sure Mourinho probably surrounded himself with nothing but yes men he controls with his facial expressions so the puppet thing wouldn't be too far from the norm for him.

Your SB Nation Hub For Coverage Of UFC 166-SB Nation

It was the greatest collective night of fights I have ever seen.  I know nobody likes watching PPV replays, but this time it is worth the money.