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Aston Villa vs. Tottenham Hotspur, Working class hero: Sandro

Hotter than Makelele. Cooler than Davids.

You just got sandro'd
You just got sandro'd
Michael Regan

Spurs ended up with several players putting in decent performances on Sunday. However, there was one man who's hard work, coolness, and shiny bald head made him stand above the rest. You know who I'm talking about.

Who's the Brazilian mid who never cries,
Whose defensive work helped Tottenham win the Villa tie?
Pode ter certeza!

Who is the bald man,
Who would slide tackle to help score against Brad Guzan?
Você escavá-lo?

Who's the bearded member of the Seleção who won two aerial duels,
And whose slide tackles made Villa look like fools?

You see this South American is one bad mother-
Cala a boca!
I'm just talking about Sandro.
Então, podemos cavar.

He's Tottenham's Working Class Hero of the Match don't you know?
And no one understands him but Paulinho.
(John Sandro.)

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