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Wednesday Morning Community Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News and Daily Links for October 23, 2013

Your open thread for today.

Michael Regan

So, last night, TheRoosevelts had a lot of work things to do, but he thought he could still get a Hoddle done for you all. Unfortunately, some work things became lots of work things and things kind of spiraled from there. So, there's no Hoddle in the traditional sense this morning, but I'll put up a few interesting and relevant links for you guys to peruse (or not) and then you guys can just go back to talking about Australia, Pokemon, Andros Townsend, and the geeking out before tonight's Top Chef.

And now the "news"

Inter Milan Want Sandro, Willing to Pay £6 million - The Metro

HAHAHAHAHA. Easiest Daniel Levy negotiation ever.

Bayern Munich close to signing Halilovic - Soccer Lens

Remember this kid and his annoying father? Yeah, well Spurs never did tie up a deal for him and now it looks like Bayern are going to sign another amazing young player that they'll probably send out on loan to Hertha Berlin for 3 years and then bring him back when he's amazing. I hate Bayern so much.

Maybe Bayern aren't as close on Halilovic as we thought - Sports Witness

So, according to this post Spurs are set to offer €20 million plus another €6 in wages. Seems a bit excessive for a kid that's not even 17 yet. Anyone remember John Bostock? Maybe that's not a fair comparison, given that Halilovic has played in the Champions League and been capped by Croatia (no small feat for a midfielder), but you get the idea.

The MLS is heading to Orlando - SB Nation

It's great that Florida has a team now and it's even better that it's not in Miami. Seriously people, I know Miami has a a large hispanic population, but this place is a horrible sports town. The MLS already failed here once and I don't think that's going to change. Congratulations to Orlando City!

That's it. There's tons of other interesting Tottenham Hotspur news and links out there though, so if you see anything that merits discussion, please drop it in the comments!

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