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Tottenham Hotspur planning January move for Christian Benteke

No one expects the January Transfer Window!

Dean Mouhtaropoulos

As the days grow shorter, the temperature grows colder, and the sleeves of our players become longer, we are left with the inescapable conclusion. Winter is coming. Which means, in addition to Jonjo Shelvey's upcoming vow of chastity, that the winter transfer window is also coming. However, it would seem that it is not coming fast enough for some of the more creative corners of the English media.

Today, the Daily Mail, the official newspaper of #batcountry, reported that Spurs will renew their pursuit of Aston Villa's Christian Benteke this January with a £28 million bid. Villa reportedly want £35 million. We all remember Benteke's brief flirtation with Spurs this summer. It was a heady time, where we all dreamed of the physical Belgian striker leading our line and whether the nicknames we created for him would be merely terrible or the worst thing in the world. Then it turned out that Bentekkers was only using us to get a raise from Villa.

This is all, of course, irrelevant. Spurs ended up buying Roberto Soldado for £26 million. He has already scored 5 goals in 9 games, including 3 in the league with 2 assists. If we're being honest he's been unlucky not to have scored a few more . Even when he's not scoring, his footballing intelligence makes him a valuable presence on the pitch. At a time when he is still clearly adjusting to the league he has already shown himself to be superior to Defoe and Adebayor.

I know that Spurs fans have a tendency to get disappointed with our striker purchases and move on to the next one on the list. I know that Benteke has a ton of potential and is far younger than Soldado. I know that we demonstrated a newfound willingness to spend this summer. However, we are not going to go spend another £30 million on a player who will be fighting for time with a striker who is doing fine for us and shows every indication of becoming exactly the player we've needed since Berbotica left our tender embrace.

Benteke is a great player, but let's be real here. Our commentariat does not run our transfer policy, as evidenced by the distinct lack of Jozy Altidore and Dutch home ruiners on our roster. We are not Chelsea. We are not going to write off a £26 million player that quickly.

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