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Saturday Football Open Thread

No Spurs today, but other teams are playing football. You can talk about it here.

Claudio Villa

Arsenal-Crystal Palace has already started, on NBS Sports Network in the US. Arsenal haven't scored in five minutes, but as far as I'm concerned the best approach to this match is to hope that the goals are scored by the Arsenal players on your fantasy team rather than by the Arsenal players on your friends' fantasy teams.

At noon today eastern time is the Clasico, Real Madrid coming to Camp Nou. BeinSport in the US. Barcelona were held scoreless last week at Osasuna while Real Madrid won. A win for Madrid would bring them even with Barcelona. It wouldn't necessarily put Madrid and Barcelona co-top of the table because of Atletico Madrid's continuing strong start. If Barca drop points, Atletico will have a chance to go top of the table with a win tomorrow home to Betis.

There's also the Revierderby in the Bundesliga at 9:30 Eastern. Fans of Schalke 04 and fans of Borussia Dortmund hate each other. Like, Arsenal/Tottenham hate each other. It's at Schalke, so it's also a huge match for Dortmund if they want to have any chance of keeping pace with Bayern in the league. Likewise Schalke have falled way behind the leading three in the Bundesliga and could really use points already in their 4th place trophy chase. 9:30 Eastern, on GolTV in the US.

There's other English matches too. Traditional 3 pm (10 am Eastern) matches include Everton-Aston Villa (should be good), Liverpool-WBA (not bad), United-Stoke (maybe for comedy), while Norwich-Cardiff and Southampton-Fulham should also by all accounts be football games. Available on NBCSN as well as their overflow channels and streaming site.

Have fun, talk about it here if you want.

Any discussions of non- or quasi-legal modes of watching (streams, etc) are forbidden and will be punished by catapult.

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