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Michael Dawson signs contract extension with Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham Hotspur captain Michael Dawson has signed a three-year contract extension at Tottenham Hotspur.

Ben Hoskins

This morning, Tottenham Hotspur announced that defender Michael Dawson has signed a contract extension with the club through 2016. Dawson, the club's captain, joined Spurs as a 21 year-old back in 2005 from Nottingham Forest and has turned himself into a mainstay in the center of Tottenham's defense.

It seems weird that Dawson who, for so many years, was viewed rather poorly by fans, but now has become part of the furniture at White Hart Lane. When Dawson partnered with Ledley King, he looked markedly better than when playing alongside the likes of Anthony Gardner. Dawson was billed as a permanent second banana. The kind of player that was good when partnered with a good player, but not one that could carry a defense.

However, back in 2009 Dawson experienced a revolution in form and became the key to Spurs' defense. It was during this season, when Robbie Keane departed, that Dawson became captain and really came into his own.Aside from the 2011-12  which he missed almost all of due to injury Dawson't performances have been excellent.

The clearest evidence of Dawson's commitment to Tottenham Hotspur came last season. Dawson was frozen out by new manager Andre Villas-Boas and it Q.P.R. wanted to sign him. Dawson, however, had other ideas. He stayed at Spurs, put his head down, and worked. By October he was back in the first team and by the end of the year he was the second name on the team sheet (behind Gareth Bale).

This season has been an odd one for Dawson. The soon to be 30 year-old has looked a bit off the pace at times, especially against top competition. He hasn't been horrible or anything, just a bit shaky against the likes of Chelsea and Arsenal (and how many other players in this league is that said for). Three more years of Dawson at the club is almost definitely a good thing. Congratulations Daws!

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