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Tottenham Hotspur vs. West Ham preview: The tale of Big Sam

The man, the myth, the legend: Big Sam.

Matthew Lewis

So here's the thing about Sam Allardyce: I love him.

Everyone hates Big Sam. "His teams play so negative," the critics shout. "He's so unpleasant," others exclaim. His own mother probably doesn't even like him. Nobody could possibly like that sack of shit.

Except me.

How many people can piss off nearly everyone in the world and give us angry, apoplectic people to laugh at? Big Sam can.

How many people can perfectly school his team to win every second ball on crosses, offensively or defensively? Big Sam can.

How many people can get four different clubs promoted? Big Sam can.

How many people can make you laugh at least five times a match just the way he parades around the touchline? Big Sam can.

Allardyce is a remarkable manager. Pick at his style, but it works, and in an age when people profess to the "right way to play football" it's refreshing to see something different. Something regimented. Something unique. Something that works.

The Hammers have themselves a winner in Big Sam and on Sunday, Spurs will have to deal with the remarkable man.

lol jk Big Sam is the worst. Score six on that asshole.

Match date/time: Sunday, 4 p.m. local, 11 a.m ET

Venue: White Hart Lane, London, England

TV: Extra Time (U.S.)

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