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Is Javier Hernandez a potential Tottenham Hotspur January signing?

Javier Hernandez said he wants to start more games. Some people think this means that he'll move to Spurs. Some people are not very smart.

Michael Regan

I love transfer rumors, especially the kind that come from dodgy sources with no quotes. Like this little beauty from a website called Sporting Preview. The article states that because Javier Hernandez has fallen down the pecking order at Manchester United, the striker is ready to move to another club. The fact that the Mexican international is available should have Tottenham Hotspur manager Andre Villas-Boas on "high alert".

What actually happened, was that Hernandez did an interview prior to Mexico's upcoming international fixtures that said this:

"I strive for that [to start more games],"

"I am working towards that - earning a spot as a starter. I know that my performance on the pitch will allow me to achieve that goal someday either here [in Manchester] or elsewhere for any other club."

"I am going on four years here [at Manchester United] and really, like I have always said, I am happy to be able to play for one of the best clubs in the world, doing my best every single day to earn more minutes on the pitch."

"I just need to be given more opportunities to showcase what I can do, because all of us want to be able to contribute our part so this team can win championships."

So, Chicharito said the magic words "for any other club" and now he's being linked by the blogs with a move to Spurs.

Bear with me for a second. First let's assume the Chicharito is unhappy enough with his playing time at United to actually force a move. Also, let's assume that Tottenham Hotspur have the financial wherewithal to meet not only the transfer fee that United would want, but that they can also meet his wages. Even if all those things were true, Chicharito still wouldn't be the right player for Tottenham Hotspur.

Now, I'm aware that many of our readers are Americans and are fans of the U.S. Men's National team. As such, I'm sure many of you would be averse having a player from your country's main rival at your favorite club. However, putting feelings like that aside, it's clear that Chicharito is a good player. He has proven his ability to score goals both in the Premier League and in the Champions League. He is the prototypical goal poacher who always seems to wind up in the right spot at the right time.

The problem is, Spurs already have a pretty good poacher on their books. Jermain Defoe has been a loyal servant to the club and unless he starts agitating for a move away from Spurs in hopes of securing one last World Cup squad berth, then there's simply no reason for Spurs to acquire Hernandez. Even if Defoe did go, Hernandez still probably wouldn't be first choice for Spurs. He'd likely still be down in the pecking order behind Roberto Soldado and maybe even Emmanuel Adebayor.

Even in the best case scenario this sort of move makes little sense for Spurs and Chicharito. Not from a footballing perspective and certainly not from a financial perspective. If Chicharito wants playing time he'll have to find it somewhere other than Tottenham Hotspur.

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