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Friday Morning talk about whatever you want thread

Sorry this is up late, but here it is. Enjoy.

Clive Rose

So, last night, TheRoosevelts did many Halloween things, I'd quote exactly what he said was happening, but this is a family website and words and behaviors such as those expressed by Mr. TheRoosevelts have no place in this environment. As a result of his disgusting debauchery, there is no Hoddle of Coffee this morning (or afternoon if you happen to live somewhere other than North America or South America).

Normally, I would make an effort to provide you all with a few Tottenham Hotspur related links, but nobody reads the body of these things anyway, so there's no point in me dropping in the things that I thought were interesting and then having you all discuss the NBA, BBQ, or A Song of Ice and Fire.

So, because I'm second in charge and Kevin isn't awake yet (thereby making me actually in charge) I declare that this thread, for now, is just simply your off-topic thread for the day. We'll have Spurs related stuff to discuss later, but for now, enjoy your off-topic revelry.

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