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And now, here's Chris Waddle with a hilarious suggestion

No, Andre, do not do this. NO.

Laurence Griffiths

I'm not here to rip on Chris Waddle, who was a great player for Spurs. He probably knows quite a bit about football. He also isn't a coach, nor is he employed by any major media organization on a full-time basis, so he doesn't have an obligation to watch a lot of football and have a serious grasp of the nuances of each player's game.

Waddle was at an event supporting grassroots football that was sponsored by a very large credit card company (LOL), where he ran into Joe Krishnan of the London Evening Standard. It's possible that Waddle does watch lots of football and just hasn't figured some things out yet, but I don't begrudge him in the least for answering Mr. Krishnan's questions even if he isn't an expert these days. Plus, he was probably being paid by that large credit card company to be there. He spit this gem out.

"I'm actually quite surprised that Andre hasn't started [Defoe and Soldado] up front together in a 4-4-2 setup, especially at White Hart Lane. When you are the home side, you need goals so I think he should try them out together."

You know what's more ambitious, attacking and likely to produce goals than starting Christian Eriksen? Putting two sub-5'10" goal-poachers next to each other and dropping Eriksen. That'll show West Ham.

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