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International football open thread

Come chat with CFC while the football is on.

Michael Steele

Happy Friday, Spursland. It's an international matchday and one of our own is in a World Cup qualifying playoff. Cheer on Gylfi Sigurdsson as he takes on a slew of players who have departed us. Also, England is playing if anyone cares. I care more about future Tottenham Hotspur manager Jorge Sampaoli.

Schedule (times are ET/GMT)

Iceland vs. Croatia - 2 pm/7 pm
Greece vs. Romania - 2:45 pm/7:45 pm
Portugal vs. Sweden - 2:45 pm/7:45 pm
Ukraine vs. France - 2:45 pm/7:45 pm
Italy vs. Germany - 2:45 pm/7:45 pm
England vs. Chile - 3:05 pm/8:05 pm
Scotland vs. USA - 3:05 pm/8:05 pm
Argentina vs. Ecuador - 8 pm/1 am

This is your open thread, so chat away.