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Christian Eriksen injury not as bad as feared

Christian Eriksen has an ankle sprain, but fortunately it doesn't look like there's any ligament damage. So thank goodness for that.

Martin Rose

There's bad news, and then there's good news regarding Tottenham Hotspur attacking midfielder Christian Eriksen. Eriksen was helped off the field this weekend after apparently injuring his ankle in a friendly match versus Norway while on international duty with Denmark.  Denmark's manager indicated initially that Eriksen could be out for "three to six weeks." That's the bad news.

The good news is that Spurs' official Twitter account tweeted an injury update this morning that seems to indicate that the injury isn't as bad as what it could have been.

Whew!  No ruptured ligaments. That's definitely good news. While there's no indication how long Christian will be out (or, related, how long he'll be at "90%"), we can all take a little bit of solace in the fact that the injury definitely could've been a whole lot worse.  Since Tottenham has almost never made official updates about injuries to players not named Gareth Bale in recent years, this is a significant moment, and one we should probably take at face value.

Hopefully our "Danish Mata" be back training with the first team in a couple of weeks and he won't be sitting in the hot tub along with Nacer Chadli and Danny Rose for very long.

Also, I still hate the international break.

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