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International football open thread

Plane tickets to Brazil will be purchased today. Also, there are some meaningless friendlies that will likely hurt key players.

Jamie McDonald

Hey, guys.  You asked, I deliver.  Here's your international match open thread for today.  Lots of games this afternoon, including both World Cup qualification matches and international friendlies.

World Cup Qualifiers (second leg)

Romania v. Greece, 2 pm ET (Greece leads 3-1 on aggregate)
Croatia v. Iceland, 2:15 pm ET (Series tied 0-0)
Sweden v. Portugal, 2:45 pm ET (Portugal leads 1-0 on aggregate)
France v. Ukraine, 3:00 pm ET (Ukraine leads 2-0 on aggregate)

International Friendlies

Whole bunch 'o them. You can talk about them here too.

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