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Wednesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For November 20, 2013

Tottenham news and notes, with government battles.

Jamie McDonald

Happy Wednesday, Spursland! Oh Canada. You had a good run going during the last few weeks, you know, making Americans feel like our government was mildly functional, but it turns out we have our own coked up idiot too. I would say that makes us equals, but I mean we have Anthony Weiner, Senator Vitter (who was a customer of a prominent DC madame and still got reelected) and the pride of my hometown, Spiro Agnew. Step your game up, Canada. This ain't a game.

The above brought to you thanks to my new found affinity for the nationalistic debates that break out every morning. Your move Aussies.

And now the "news"

Johnny Vertical Rates City As The Top Team- Sky Sports

Maybe in FIFA a game that rated Chircihes in the high 60's because of its well-known bias against the Romanian league.

Arsenal To Troll Spurs So Hard With Halilovic Move- The Hard Tackle

No! We cannot allow this. I don't care if we have to pay for this dude's dad to be massaged by devil priestesses for the rest of his life while his younger son is given an honorary Ph.D from Oxford. We cannot allow this kid to go to Arsenal. If we got him, he might turn good. Might. But you know with our luck that if Arsenal snake him he will turn into the new Maradona or something.

Welcome To MLS Orlando City- SB Nation Soccer

I am just happy that they chose a city in Florida that won't be under water in not too many years.

Ronaldo Beats Zlatan, Portugal Are In The World Cup- SB Nation Soccer

And he still won't beat out Messi for the Ballon D'Or.

EPL Team Names Based On Their Badges- SB Nation Soccer

The word chicken does not come up in the discussion of our badge. Not cool bro.