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Thursday Morning Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For November 21, 2013

Nobody is working for the weekend, everybody is slugging through this nothingness towards the eventual goal of an actual Spurs match.

Jamie McDonald

Happy Thursday, Spursland! Holy anything, is this week still trudging onward? There has to be an end at some point, right? International football in the big competitions is awesome, but international football is the worst.

And now the"news"

Reasons For Spurs Fans Not To Feel Doomed- ESPN FC

As someone who's personal life motto is "why would anything good happen?" I can honestly say this is a right little ray of sunshine into the chard scrap metal strew wasteland that is my brain.

From £4.5 Million Spurs And France Star To Playing Boreham Wood In Seven Years- HITC Sport

Oh jesus, that is rough. I wonder if there is ever a dude in one of these situations that gets a hype train behind him and he gets signed for big money to a big team, but he totally knows in his soul he isn't good enough to play at this level and he just has to try and keep of the lie as long as he can to keep stealing checks.

SB Nation United FC: The Birth of The World's Greatest Team- SB Nation Soccer

This is what happens when nerds take charge.

An Open Letter To Florentino Perez: It Is Time For A Real Madrid Women's Side- Managing Madrid

Look Madrid is the biggest club in the world, enough said. It's ridiculous that they don't have a ladies side.

A-Rod Tests Credulity With Claims Of Innocence- SB Nation

I am 100% certain A-Rod was on steroids. 100%, but the people in charge of MLB are certainly not at all innocent of this. The process isn't at all fair. How isn't it fair? The man who led the investigation against A-Rod sits on the board that will render a verdict in his appeal. Seems objective to me. Also, Bud Selig is an asshole.