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Manchester City vs. Tottenham Hotspur: Final score 6-0, and the scoreboard tells the whole story

Yes, it was as bad as the score looks. Tottenham Hotspur barely showed up against Manchester City.

Alex Livesey

Tottenham Hotspur probably showed up to Eastlands thinking they could leave with a result and turn their season around if they played well. Their hopes of doing so evaporated after 14 seconds, when a giveaway by Hugo Lloris and subsequent errors by other players led to an instant goal by Jesus Navas. It only got worse from there as Manchester City went on to win 6-0.

There were no defining moments and no standout players, good or bad. Every player was partially at fault for the result and no one had a particularly good game. This isn't some "we win as a team, we lose as a team" rah-rah stuff, it's just that everyone was below average. It's tough to pick out any player that was particularly horrible, it's just that everyone on the team was about a three or four out of 10 with no outliers.

In case you score, the other goals came from Sandro, who deflected an Alvaro Negredo shot into his own net, Sergio Aguero on either side of halftime, Negredo in the 55th minute and Navas again in stoppage time. Aguero has more goals than Spurs this season. City had as many goals from open play in this game as Spurs had all season.

Manchester City are very good, and especially at home, but this was an inexcusably terrible performance in every way, from start to finish. I predicted a loss and I'm sure lots of very optimistic fans predicted a loss, but no one saw this coming. This was a disaster.

Ninth place. Nine goals in 13 games. A negative goal differential. At the end of November. Everyone's benefit of the doubt has expired, and in more ways than one, we're just not good enough to achieve our goals.

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