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Monday morning community Hoddle of Coffee: Monday, November 25, 2013

The Roosevelts was apparently too distressed from yesterday's performance to write the Hoddle.

Alex Livesey

Happy Monday, ladies and gentlemen. Your regular Hoddle scribe The Roosevelts didn't take yesterday's loss very well and decided to talk to his buddy Jack Daniels about it. Instead, you get me, late. We'll add links here as we find them. Suggest thinks to read for the people.

Jesus Christ. No, it's just Navas | Dear Mr. Levy

Even the notoriously calm and patient Spooky is losing it after that performance.

Tottenham eye Tim Krul | The Express

lolokay. Whatever.

Szczesny 'trolls' Tottenham fans | Metro

When I saw the headlines all over the place, I was expecting a really funny, or at least over the top jab. What we got was a really tame comment that could have been made any week. Sigh.

AVB 'ashamed' by loss | Guardian

If he trotted out the usual 'We're fine, we just have to do a bit better' stuff, I would have been really annoyed.