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Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And links November 25, 2013

Tottenham Hotspur news and daily links.

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Alex Livesey

Happy...still unhappy, unsatisfied, and frankly pissed the hell off Tuesday, Spursland! Sorry I wasn't here yesterday, but I couldn't take it. After Sunday's game I rolled over and took my hungover self back to sleepy-by time.  And I dreamed, oh did I dream Spursland. I dreamed that it didn't happen. Then I woke up, due to my girlfriend getting out of bed and loe and behold it all came rushing back. I then, newly pissed again, forced myself into what I can only describe as rage sleep. The kind of sleep that you force on yourself, to keep bad things from happening, to keep from having to consciously deal with what is happening. It was the closest thing to a medically induced coma as I have ever experienced and the entire time I was holding down a faceless member of the Spurs coaching/front office staff and I was hammering him in the face with punches that did no damage. In this dream with every blow as it descended on the faceless victims body I knew in my soul it was all I had, and when it landed, nothing. I felt feeble, and I felt helpless. Gee can't be a metaphor for being a fan of this team can it?

And now the "news"

Gary Mabbutt Defends Lloris-Sky Sports

It is nice for Gary to defend Lloris, It is nice that someone could find anyone on this team defend, fragile that they are, because NOBODY CAN DEFEND THESE PLAYERS FROM MY WRATH.  For I, much like Bray Wyatt, am the destroyer of worlds,  in particularly the world of anyone who contributed to that game.  I will mow them down (metaphorically speaking) if this is not made right.

No Rift Between AVB And Players Says Jan Vertonghen-Guardian

You know where there isn't a rift? between opposing teams and our goal.  Instead there is a god damn welcome sign.

James Milner Believes City Will Improve Further Under Pellegrini-Telegraph

Not that i don't think James has genuine confidence in his humanoid version of upscale bottled water, but exactly how much room is there to improve?  Will fans becoming in at left back?

Bayern Have A Mole And We Want To Find Him-SB Nation Soccer

It's me, i am the mole.  Moving on, without any joy in my life and apparently on a quest to remove all joy from everyone else's life.

Tottenham's Defense Shocklingy Exposed by Manchester City-SB Nation Soccer

Well I am glad someone explained to me exactly what happened.  My memory is slightly different featuring our defense walking out onto the pitch hitching their pants down around their and doing their business in front of God and the footballing world.

Minnesota Distracts opposing Kicker With Dramatic Chipmunk-SB Nation Soccer

That is the coolest thing 2005 has to offer.