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Tottenham Hotspur negotiating for Alvaro Morata loan with Real Madrid

Tottenham Hotspur don't score goals, thus they need a striker. Alvaro Morata is a striker. Good thing we have that Madrid partnership. #YOLOAN

David Ramos

Despite apparently being the odds on favorite as the next Premier League manager to be fired and being stalked as prey by our own Edward F., it would appear AVB is looking to bolster his striking crops with a loan from Real Madrid this January.

Alvaro Morata is the latest wunderkind to appear on the Spanish football scene, scoring 12 goals in 11 appearances for their U21 squad. This year, he has made 9 appearances for Madrid in the league and scored 2 goals. Last year he made 18 appearances in the Segunda with Real Madrid's B team, Castilla, scoring 12 goals.

At the moment, he's surplus to requirements at Madrid (11 total appearances, 10 as a substitute) and they're looking for him to get playing time elsewhere, which makes it perplexing why they would want to send him to Spurs. He's a big, strong striker, similar to Fernando Morientes. Obviously, this would be different from anyone we have right now, but I can't see where his playing time will come from. Are we going to be selling Adebayor or Defoe in January? Will AVB exclusively play the 4-4-2 to get the English press on his side? Is one of our commentariat going to be appointed manager when AVB is fired in a few short hours and bench Soldado in order to live out their Football Manager fantasies? Is he secretly Ed in disguise and is this actually a plot for him to get close enough to kill AVB? Are aliens behind this? Who knows!?

What we do know is Madrid usually only loan players or loan them with an option to buy back if they turn out to be good, so we're probably not playing the long game here. Multiple reports came out this summer that Spurs attempted to buy Morata during the Bale negotiations but were turned down, likely because of his promise and their embarrassment over not developing academy products while Barcelona thrives off of them. Given that Madrid aren't English football fans, I doubt they've changed their mind this quickly.

In any case, all of this is irrelevant because of the successful #endmadridpartnership campaign. So y'know, #thanks, hashtag brigade.

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