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Wednesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links November 27, 2013

Tottenham Hotspur news and daily links.

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Alex Livesey

Happy Wednesday, Spursland! Welcome to the dawn of America's drunkenest day of the year. That's right English guys Today and NOT St. Patrick's day is the drunkest day of the year for us.  \You see what happens is that everyone comes home today for Thanksgiving tomorrow, but as soon as we get home we realize "Holy shit. I gotta get out of here and away from my crazy family. I knew there was a reason i left my hometown." So we then get on AOL Instant Messenger and contact all those high school friends we have lost contact with since the days when using AIM was a thing and meet up at the local cool bar to drink until the idea being around our families for more than 45 minutes seems tolerable. If this describes your plans, please drive safely or walk, or get that person you wanted more than life itself in high school to see what they were missing so they take you home as a conquering hero. Either way, American or not, we are Spurs fans. So today we have a good reason to drink.

And now the "news"

Tottenham Look Like A Bunch Of Strangers Says Redknapp-Telegraph

Now there have been rumbling as of late that we need a change at the manager position. Now my question to you is: If AVB was fired tomorrow and Dan Levy walks out at a press conference the next day and does the big reveal and out walks a certain heavily jowled gent from the south coast.  Would you be pissed or maybe, just maybe a bit reassured.

The 10 Best Tottenham Players Of All Time-Caught Offside

I love that they stick Ole Gareth in the back with his terrible taste in hairstyles and apparent love of Madrid, a team who's core fan base is known to be in the heart of Wales.

Defoe To Toronto For 6 Million-Sports Mole

Well it's Sports Mole so it might not be true but late last night this started popping up pretty hot and heavy.  Great pick up for Toronto as in my opinion he becomes the best player in the league, But if JD's goal is to get game time so he makes the world cup squad this is really really dumb.

Our 2013 MLS MVP Is Mike Magee-SB Nation Soccer

Way to go fella, you won't be winning back to back awards though as apparently Defoe is going to be in North America scoring 86 goals.

RVP Does Not Travel To Germany-SB Nation Soccer

Look! Hope for us, Untied without him are worthless.  Except that we are Spurs and He will come back  from (insert placenta joke here, watch nobody laugh because it hasn't been funny in 18 months) just in time to hang 4 on us, because we are Spurs right?  That's what happens to us.  Except not this time.  I am calling it right now, Erik Lamela is about to announce himself to the (English speaking) world.

My Outrage At This Video Of A Young Boy Wrestling A Bear-Bloodyelbow

One man's technical breakdown of why a young boy sucks at wrestling, seriously this bear cub wipes the floor with him.  Where was his head/hands defense when this bear scored that head inside single.