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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links November 28, 2013

Tottenham Hotspur news and daily links.

Alex Livesey

Happy Hanukkah, Spursland! That's right I tossed you a curveball. Yes, today as of sundown last night is the first day of the festival of lights.  And we here at CFC wish all of you in the tribe a very happy happy Hanukkah, and may the kugel never run out for all 8 days.

And as for the rest of you out there, Happy Thanksgiving (even you Canadians who will lament that your Thanksgiving was like a month ago, it isn't your fault you're so far in the north your harvest holiday has to happen before the sun disappears for what like 10, 11 months)  This is not a holiday for just Americans, it is a holiday for all.  So think hard about what you have to be thankful for this year, your health that your significant other hasn't ballooned in size, Mindy Kaling. (Editor's Note: I'd be thankful for having to edit out less errors, but alas...) Whatever it is, it doesn't matter, and if it is a person, be sure to let that person know today.

And yes yes of course let the Americans bicker about the cooking method and variety of foods for the feasting today.  Stuffing, is it inside or outside the bird, what is in the stuffing besides bread and the other usual suspects (it better be oysters)? (Editor's Note: Stuffing is inside the bird, dressing is outside. And the stuffing at my Thanksgiving includes Andouille, and spicy peppers. Fuck your oysters.) What kinds of pies? And yes, let us also discus who has the most dysfunctional of family gatherings. Hint hint. I will probably win. And I will be updating on my families amazing craziness in the comments all day.

Happy Holidays everyone and oh yes HAPPY SPURSDAY!

And now the "news"

AVB Claims he Still Has The Confidence Of The Players And The Board-Sky Sports

And the people of Toronto are not embarrassed by Rob Ford.

AVB On The Hot Seat At Tottenham, Sorely Missed At Porto-Guardian

Yeah, so let it be known, Dan Levy, If you break up with AVB he has got all kinds of cool options out there.

The Case For Keeping AVB-SB Nation Soccer

Just kidding, but since our "dear friend" Is making the case for AVB being on the hot seat, I now know that letting him go is absolutely a bad idea.

Crane Collapse At World Cup 2014 Stadium Kills 2-SB Nation Soccer

It is usually a bad idea to sleep at a major construction site...

Match Fixing, No Longer Someone Else's Problem-SB Nation Soccer

This is troubling for me.  I make no bones about refusing to watch Italian Football, the NBA, or boxing because I believe that fixing is going on.  I love sports, I love betting on sports.  But I feel we have reached a tipping point. In truth We passed it long ago really.  We all love sports here, that high, so as to distract us from our miserable lives.  It's important to us.  But it is time to end big gambling on sports both legal and illegal.  Yes I know there is no way t make that happen, I just think anytime betting gets more complicates than "hey old man, I'll take the London Irish giving 6" it leads to bad things.

And last but not least, what I am thankful for.  The list is long and not at all distinguished, but let's get the greatest hits.  I am thankful that during a very dark part of my life Kevin posted that he was looking for someone to do this, and I am even more thankful that he picked me to do this rather than the guy who emailed him before I did based on nothing more than my comments in live threads. I am thankful for Kevin, Ryan, and Bryan who edit my deranged musings into something mildly postable every day. I am thankful for all the writers here who are, I swear to god, the smartest group of people ever assembled with the exception of those guys that figured out how to put a square peg into a round hole on the Apollo 13 mission.  But most importantly I am thankful for you reading (or not reading ) this. Writing the Hoddle and trying to make it entertaining every day for you is the most fun I have ever had doing anything, God bless, and happy Thanksgiving.